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Diversity Inclusion Program

Mozambique Women of Energy (MWE) has identified the extensive need for collecting data that identifies what may be lacking in the Mozambican female job applications that can be improved on, in order to improve their skills and thus, allow them to qualify for the energy sector (and other industries as well). This is why MWE is proud to announce our partnership with Global Edge Consultants (GEC)! Together, we’ll be working on the Diversity Inclusion Program (DIP), which is a program that aims to identify and bridge the gaps present in the recruitment process that impede women from successfully securing a role in the energy sector.

This initiative will target three key areas: recruitment, marketing, and data collection. The recruitment area will be led by GEC as they are a specialized recruitment agency with access to vast career opportunities that are welcoming female applicants. The data collection area will allow both GEC and MWE to identify constraints and obstacles to women’s greater participation in sectors, determine priorities, design gender-inclusive strategies, components, and performance indicators to respond to gender equality and women’s empowerment issues. After collecting and analyzing this data, MWE will be able to share the data with several companies and help them bring internal solutions to improve their diverse employee portfolio.

Finally, the marketing will involve the creation of a communication strategy and marketing plan in order to promote the program to all women in Mozambique and let them know that they can have access to new job opportunities through MWE.

If you want to be a future maker and to help MWE change the narrative of Mozambique’s energy sector, JOIN NOW through the Diversity Inclusion Program! If you’re a recent graduate or a career woman that wants access to better opportunities in the sector then MWE is for you!

This Program aims to capacitate Mozambican Women and help them secure their dream roles by equipping them with the necessary skills to successfully go through the application processes and secure the right positions for them.

The Diversity Inclusion Program is a joint partnership between MWE and Global Edge Consultants (GEC) in hopes of developing a program that identifies gaps in the recruitment process and gives a real opportunity for prospective candidates.

Additionally, besides being part of the MWE network and getting access to the latest job opportunities in the energy sector, you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in other MWE activities like the Energized SAGA, Skills Development Workshops, and have access to the latest news on the Energy Industry.

Do join this great opportunity, all you have to do is fill out this survey and follow MWE and GEC on their social media pages for updates!



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