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Solar Giraffe Project

A month after the inauguration of the Solar Giraffe, installed in Mangunze, Chongoene District in Gaza Province, the community built a bench that symbolizes more youth engagement while their mobile devices are charged, complemented by the radio player offered by the system.

The Solar Giraffe is functioning well according to Sónia and Clara, the two local women trained by MWE Mayra Pereira and Eluise Vaz in maintenance, leadership, and gender empowerment in the energy transition.

Mozambique reached a very important milestone in respect to the implementation of renewable projects, with the opening session of the proposals for the Proler Project. This program was developed by the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME) with the support of the European Union for the promotion of private investment for the increase of electricity generation capacity in the country. It consists of structuring projects for public tenders through auctions for the award of concessions for the generation of electricity from renewable sources.

The Proler Project has the participation of several MWES: Olga Utchavo Madeira, Telma Matavel Nkutumula, Marcelina Mataveia, Marcelina Joel, Cláudia Jeremias, Nilza Matavel, Taciana Peão Lopes, Leonilde Victor and Mayra Pereira.


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